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We run both bare-metal servers and servers with full hardware virtualization, and we protect access to them with multiple safeguards so that they will never be compromised.


We operate high-performance servers across Europe and the US with enhanced DDoS protection, UPS backup in case of power surges, climate control, fire protection, and qualified technicians. We monitor our services 24/7.

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We invest alongside our delegators, which demonstrates our long-term commitment and faith in our network.

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Whenever you are ready, let us know your delegation wishes and we will do our very best to accommodate you. Once you have delegated with us, just sit back and enjoy your passive income!


As a small-scale service, we are dedicated to staking on our favorite PoS networks first!

As the Elrond mainnet launch finalizes, we will start to offer staking on Elrond as soon as possible. Matic will be the next network that will be available on our platform.


The Internet Scale Blockchain
A highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy.



Exp. Annual Yield


Layer-2 Blockchain Solution
Provides massive scalability while ensuring a superior user experience in a secured and decentralized manner.


~ 15%

Exp. Annual Yield


Our team started participating in the Elrond testnet in its early phases in August 2019. The Elrond validators community taught us a lot about the basics for running an Elrond node, through trial and error. We learned how to manually update for new versions of the node software, but updating many nodes simultaneously soon became quite a task! That’s why we decided to do some scripting for automation, and to share our scripts with the Elrond validators community. It was great to see that a significant part of the validator community started using them, allowing other validators to run multiple Elrond nodes as efficiently as we were running ours. Since then, we have learned — and taught others — to secure our nodes, and to block any attacks that might be targeting them. With the Elrond mainnet going live on the 30th of July 2020, we wanted to go the next step and start running validator nodes as a service. We have started with Elrond, but other PoS networks will follow later.

We understand that running validator nodes is not for everyone. To do this in an efficient, reliable, and secure way takes time, programming skills, and resources. Through our experience and interaction with the Elrond validators community, we have become a trusted team of validators who are happy to help you stake your PoS tokens without the hassle.


Get in touch at [email protected]